Friday, August 25, 2006

A warm hello and thank you...

...from the head offices of Hickee Inc.

Hickee would like to pause for a moment and just thank the fans and supporters out there for "git'n it done" and "bringin' it home" and whatnot. If it wasn't for that groundswell of appreciation we feel here on a daily basis, why I don't know what would be happening at the ivory towers we call Hickee Inc. More'n likely we'd probably just continue makin' fart jokes and inappropriate innuendoes for our own amusement, but maybe not.

You fans out there make the difference and warm old man Hickee's heart. Bless every one-a ya.

If ever you were gonna post a comment on the Hickee Hub now would be the time to do it. Go on, just jot a few notes down and post it for public consumption. You'd make one old man awful happy, darn ya.

And if'n your not up to it or just plain not man enough. Wellll, that's fine. Because Hickee's gonna just keep posting the same crap we've always been posting here anyway.

Yours with love and some affection,

Old man Hickee


verabee said...

Aw, he looks just like you, Grammers. Good job git'n 'er done, Hickee guys!

aliceboy said...

You are, of course, welcome. Although, it's definitely we who should be thankful for years of top-notch illustrated humour...and a noticeable lack of fart jokes from the Annable arm of Old Man Hickee...

bschulz said...


Ryan Rouse said...

Keep up the good drawin' Hickee folks. The new animations are genius.

rubacava said...

If it weren't for you, I'd have been killed by a wild horde of Internet catchphrases. :3

Sanka said...

Okay I just checked another short... my first time here, though I doubt my last, I reckon.
I'd say!
Fuck PLEASE rip some of The Killing audio and panel up some shorts.
I'lll kill someone for ya, how's that?

Anonymous said...

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