Monday, October 30, 2006

Hickee post-Stumptown!

Hey there folks!

Just wanted to take a moment and post a handful of images from this past weekend's Portland Stumptown Comics Fest! Good times were had by all.

Scott and Bagel get mentally strong before taking Stumptown by storm.

Pyramid Car reading on Saturday night by the one and only Scott Campbell at Guapo Comics.

Oh man. Pyramid Car!


Okay, so I didn't post many photos of the convention itself. Actually, I've posted none. I think I was too distracted by all the awesomeness that was swirling around in there to take any solid photos. But believe me, it was a great weekend. Totally great weekend.

I can't wait for the next Stumptown.


verabee said...

Eeeeeey, awesome. That's just how it was. Put the rest of them up on flickr, dude! I want that one of me and your woman playing mariokart.

Ross said...

Scott is SO Handsome. Happy Halloween. Comics are cool!

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