Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Keep yer eyes peeled!

...because a BRAND NEW Hickee is being created for your enjoyment! While you continue to go about your daily business, doing whatever it is you do on a daily basis, the fellows here are feverishly working to complete the next HICKEE.

Creating a comic like Hickee involves a very complicated decision making process. A process too difficult to put into words, really, but here are the results of the decisions made thus far.

They have decided on a name for it, and that name is "Hickee vol.3 #3." They have also decided to release it in June of 2007. And after discussion, they have decided to release an early view of the cover (see above.)

So far these are all of the decisions that have been made.

Oh! Wait! There's one more decision to add! They've decided to have art shows in San Francisco, Montreal, and Portland this spring and summer, where you'll have the opportunity to buy original artworks from Scott Campbell, Joe White, Raz, Graham Annable, Nathan Stapley, and perhaps even Paul Brown and Vamburto Maduro!

More details will follow once more complicated decisions have been decided.


Jarrett said...

Hahaha, Space Wolf is hilarious. Great stuff.

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