Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hickee Jamalama in Montreal!

The trip to Montreal was soooooo good. I'm not sure where to even begin really. But I've decided I'll start with a link to photos of our crazy Jamalama bing bom bama thing that happened last Saturday night at Cafe Romolo in Montreal. It was an evening of booze and hysteria organized by Rupert Bottenberg. We drew silly comics alongside Dan Piraro, Matthew Forsythe, Billy Mavreas and lots more awesome folks from D & Q and RedBird Studios. Matt has been gracious enough to post a bunch of the comics created that evening. I don't think I've ever seen Raz laugh so hard.

Oh wait. No, actually I have. But he was really laughing hard that night. Trust me.


Anonymous said...

jeepers. you knew dan piraro was in town and didnt tell me! (i only read about it on monday, pout!) you lucky stiffs got to draw with him.......double pout.

anyways thanks for the interview, etc. one quick question for all yalls. what music do you listen to? i usually have time for about 3-4 songs so if you each pick one it would round out the "music" themed art show that no one knew about. (grin) my email is betafishblue@hotmail.com. talk to you soon. robin. :)

bajel said...

hi robin, your awesome. any thing from these guys would be awesome
or these guys
or even these guys

thats just me though

grickleguy said...

You know, I think Joe White should be in charge of picking our music.

Whadda say eh?

I trust that dude and his music sensibilities.

Dale said...

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Todd said...