Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Last Duet on Earth.

It's almost time for Halloween and that means it's time to show scary movies. I call this one "The Last Duet on Earth."


Joe White said...

hahaha.... Beautiful!!

cathy said...

dude, that is awsome. showed it to animators here at work and they LOVED it. your blog is now one of their favourites. they also love your character design. and so do i!
cathy feraday miller

Neal said...

When the end comes, I hope that I get to play a piano-kazoo.

Matt Johnsen said...

I always knew that The Hooters would be the end of humanity.

Dudley said...


Lee said...

absolutley fantastic!

first time i watched it i almost cried when they started playing last post haha

great timing too!

I passed this one around and the folks at this studio loved it as well!

consider you linked too!
hope you don't mind


Zumbi said...

Your work is truly awesome!
And as soon as you got like a thousand shorts you HAVE to make a DVD out of them..!


Mike said...

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